I know that I haven’t updated this much in the past month, but it has been crazy between planning open lessons, a site visit from my program director, and harboring a vicious cold on top of all of that. I will update everyone on my goings-on for the past month in a post later this weekend, but for now, I’d like to introduce you to an initiative that I will be participating in for the next month.

Volunteers across Moldova, as well as people across the world, are participating in a campaign referred to as “Dressember”. The idea is that women across the globe will wear a dress for everyday in December to raise awareness for and stand in solidarity with victims of human trafficking worldwide. Today I start my 31 day journey, which should be interesting considering I don’t have that many dresses/skirts that are cold weather adaptable with me here in Moldova. Guess I’ll get creative with cardigans and scarves!

Anyway, here is DAY ONE:


I REALLY don’t like mirror selfies in case you can’t tell #TeamAwkoTacos


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