United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions for many different reasons.

I was able to spend the week in the capital of Moldova with some of my favorite people since our entire cohort was in town for various trainings…so that equals good emotions.

I was also able to reflect and grieve the current situation happening in America with these people…which led to some not so great feelings.

This morning, as I sat with three American friends around the kitchen table eating a variety of leftovers for lunch, we began expressing our frustration at our current situation. We love living and working in Moldova, but we hate that we aren’t able to march and rally and stand in solidarity with our fellow Americans that are also wishing and striving for a more inclusive American society. We hate that we are limited in showing our support by posting on social media and signing online petitions. We want to be there with you fighting the good fight…fighting the fight for the America that the majority know we are instead of the America the few have decided we should become.

The fact that we are supposed to be representing an America that is friendly and peaceful is becoming harder and harder every time a new executive order is signed. But we’ll keep going. We’ll keep promoting the goodness of America: our diversity in population, our diversity in history, our diversity in religion…see the key word there: diversity. Our differences ARE our strength and any tyrant that is trying to tell us otherwise is only interested in the demise of our great nation, not the strengthening of it.

I was raised in a state where our motto is: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. This is true now more than ever before in our lifetimes. The time to stand united as a people is NOW. The time to stand up against those who don’t believe that what makes us different makes us special is NOW. The time to fight for the integrity of the country that was built on the backs of immigrants is NOW.

To all the Americans that are fighting and rallying and protesting: keep going. We’ve got your back.

Give ’em hell.

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