Life as Usual

Something that my mom has been pointing out to me for the past few months is that, any time I talk with her and she asks me what is new, I have nothing to say. Because, to me, nothing is new. Day in and day out, I live my typical life here in Moldova which has become (for the most part) unremarkable to me. Sure, some weird or funny things happen every now and then, but on the whole, it’s just life.

Hence why I have not been blogging with such fervor as I was this time last year. Life for me here is boring and predictable, just as it was in the States…you get into a routine and that’s that. However, I know that my friends and family back in the States are still curious about what is going so, for the sake of transparency, I’ll try to enumerate some of the more recent happenings in my life.

  1. I recently had to change my morning commute due to geese. Yes, you read that correctly: geese. Two of the paths that lead me to work in the morning have become perilous because of these winged beasts. People that live near me will let their geese out into the road around 7:00-7:30am to exercise(?)…who knows. Regardless, they are often unsupervised and, when I walk past, they feel that it’s necessary to run at me 20 strong every single time. I really don’t know why…I give them as much space as humanly possible, and yet, they persist in trying to attack me. Y’all don’t know fear until you’ve got 20 annoyed geese coming at you full speed. The stuff of nightmares, really.
  2. I have another volunteer in my school with me this year so that has been an interesting adjustment. He is a health education volunteer so he primarily works with the younger students, which is great because the majority of the students in our school are now served by one or both PC volunteers. The adjustment comes in the form of gender roles here in Moldova…without going into all the detail, lets just say that some of the crap I’ve had to deal with over here makes me yearn for the “equality” in the States (yeah, I know, it’s that bad). Luckily, my site mate and I are on the same page with one another and work really well together so I am excited for this year of collaboration!
  3. We (my site mate and I) planned activities for the International Day of Peace this year at our school. Another primary school teacher planned activities for the primary school students, while Scott and I’s activities were focused more toward grades 5-12. We created a peace pledge that students and teachers signed and decorated the school with a banner, quotes about peace, and the word “peace” in 30 different languages. Scott also created a great video that you can see here:
  4. I am teaching most of the same students that I taught last year with a few exceptions. I am teaching 10th grade this year, which are new students to me. I taught the 10th grade material last year, but with different students, so my new 10th graders are new to me this year. I also picked up a new group of sixth graders, switched 7th grade classes (moved from class “A” to class “B”), and am getting to teach one class of 5th grade! I am pumped about working with the 5th graders because they love English so much and are so well-behaved. Such a perfect way to start my Monday mornings!
  5. The war on mice is getting started again. When the weather turns cold in the fall, the field mice from the hill behind our house make their way into the foundation of our house and, from there, often move into the walls, ceilings, and sometimes, even our rooms. For whatever reason, these little boogers love my room so my host dad and I have strategically placed rat poison pods around my room so we will see how those work. If not, I guess it’ll be back to the good ol’ mousetraps that scare the livin’ daylights outta me when they snap.
  6. I have a daily countdown on my calendar in my room and in my planner counting down the days until I travel to London to see my family for Christmas! 88 days and counting!
  7. Every day I feel more integrated into my community. Whether it is someone new greeting me on the street because they’ve seen me walk past before or one of the taxi drivers from my town giving me a ride home for free because it’s on their way to another village, it’s these little wins that really help me when I feel as if I’m struggling with life over here. I was at a masa (a really big celebration meal) for a baptism the other day sitting at a table full of loud Moldovan men from my extended family and I was able to follow the majority of the conversation and engage with them when they asked me questions. Granted, I only lasted about an hour before I escaped to my room to play UNO with a 7th and 8th grader, but still. Progress is progress.
  8. Fall is here and is a time full of celebrations! Within the next couple of months, there are many birthdays (including my own!), Teacher’s Day, Halloween, Hram (town celebration), and Thanksgiving so life is about to get really busy and really interesting!

T-minus 10 months until I’m back stateside! Woah.

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