O sută de zile

If you can’t read/understand Romanian, this post is dedicated to the 100 day mark left in my service. Back in January, all of the volunteers in my M31 cohort got together to choose the dates in which we would COS (close of service). At that point, I had no concrete dates about the summer camp that I work with so I just chose a random date, knowing that I could change it at a later date if need be. Well, as decisions have been made, changes have occurred and my official COS date is July 6th!

But, what does COS mean exactly? As of July 6th, I will no longer be a Peace Corps volunteer. I will no longer be covered by our medical staff in country and I will no longer receive monetary support from Peace Corps Moldova. Even though my COS is on the 6th, I will stay in Moldova for another week or so to participate in Wave Week 2018.

My goal for my last 100 days as a volunteer is to post something every day about what I have loved about my service/Moldova on social media and this blog. While this goal will almost certainly be hard to achieve some days, it will be a good, reflective way to close out my service and to share my experience with family and friends.

100 days and counting!

swear in

Throwback to the day I swore-in as a volunteer!

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