Day 99: Casa mea

Day 99 is dedicated to my house here in Moldova. I have lived with two different host families during my time in Peace Corps; one for 3 months, the other since August 2016. The photos attached to this post are of the house I live in currently (post about my respective host families to follow).

Houses in Moldova are similar in certain respects: every house will have a fence/gate around it, there will be a garden on the property somewhere that will include vegetables/fruits/flowers/etc., there will be a cellar (beci) where the wine and canned foods are kept, and the inside of the house is generally well-taken care of in terms of cleanliness. Everyone that enters the house is expected to remove their shoes at the front door so as not to track dirt/snow/mud through the house, dirtying up the various rugs decorating the floors.

My house backs up to a farm so we have a lot of animals: dogs, cats, pigs, a cow, chickens (no geese, thank God). One of the cats that I often sneak into my room to cuddle is currently pregnant with kittens so I am sure that there will be a future post about those new additions! During the day, my host parents work around the house and/or on the land around the house, especially during planting and harvesting season.

My house is one of the most colorful on the street and I love it for that. Many newer Moldovan homes are more muted colors on the outside, but I am partial to my beachy blue house in the Moldovan countryside.


Front of my house in Șoldănești


Other half of my house. The window before the porch/door is the window for my room.


From the porch on the front of the house. I like to sit here and read when it is pretty outside. We also often have masas (meals) in the gazebo pictured when the weather is nice.


The garden at the front of our house. It includes a lot of different flowers, apple trees, cherry trees, and other types of vegetable plants.

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