The Weekend: Days 97 and 96

So, unless what I post on the weekends is substantial, I plan to combine both of my weekend posts into one blog post…and I may do this throughout the week as well (depending on how busy I get within the next couple of months).

Day 97: Lesson Learned 

Day 97 is dedicated to a lesson learned during my Peace Corps service–probably one of the hardest ones. Life doesn’t stop just because you are gone. I knew this going into my service–I mean, it is common sense–but you don’t realize how much it affects you until something major happens. A death in the family. A new baby. Or, in my case, one of my best friend’s weddings. But that’s the reality of life in the Peace Corps. Your life in the States doesn’t go into a stall pattern for the 27 months you are gone. It moves and evolves–just like you move and evolve during your time in-country.


Day 96: First Few Days in Moldova

This photo was taken on one of our first days in country while we were staying in a hotel in the capital city, Chișinău. Even though we arrived at the beginning of June, it was abnormally cold and rainy…something our wardrobes definitely weren’t prepared for. This was one night when we had ventured out to find dinner near where we were staying. We were put up in a hotel for a couple of days to allow us to catch up on sleep, acclimate to our new cultural climate, and attend some educational sessions on cultural practices and basic language before we left to meet our pre-service training host families. The cohort before us were taken off the plane, put through a couple of hours of training, and were then taken immediately to their host families. They were miserable so they advocated for us to be given a couple of days to regroup before dropping us into the deep end (thanks M30s!).

first day explore


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