Days 92-89: Ice cream, Commutes, Colored Eggs, and Easter…oh my

Day 92 is all about înghețată (ice cream). The weather is finally beginning to warm up, which means the frequent indulgence of ice cream is upon us. During my first summer, us EEs lived off of ice cream thanks to the store located next to our training site. I love ice cream in Moldova because I can actually enjoy it…unlike ice cream in the States, which makes me almost immediately ill after eating it. I look forward to many more ‘sitting on random benches, eating ice cream, chatting, and enjoying the outdoors’ experiences before I leave in July.


Day 91 gives you a look at one of my views during my walk home. I literally have to walk up hill both ways to get to and from school so this photo is taken at the crest of the hill in my neighborhood. The photo really doesn’t do it justice, but my words would do it even less. My favorite is during the summer time when all of those hills are completely yellow because of the sunflowers growing there. Absolutely stunning.


Day 90 gives a look at some of the food preparation that goes into celebrating Easter here in Moldova. Like in America, eggs are dyed (but not hunted) and eaten at the Easter meal. There are also many sweet cakes and breads that are prepared, but the main portion of the meal centers around meat since the Easter meal is the official break of the fasting period. Many families enjoy lamb and pork prepared in many different ways. Since my family raises pigs, whole pigs are slaughtered a few days before celebrations and the following days are spent making various sausages and other dishes from every part of the pig.

Day 89 is celebrating Easter, one of the biggest holidays of the year. Early on Easter morning, families put together a basket with specific items in it (each thing has a special meaning) and take it to their local church to have it blessed. After the priest comes around and blesses it with holy water, families will take it home and enjoy the bread as part of their meal later that day. I participated in the Easter festivities last year, but as I am leaving for a short vacation today, I wasn’t able to be in my town for the celebrations so these are some photos from last year. Hristos a înviat!

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