Moldova By The Numbers

The Basics

760 days as a volunteer in Moldova

5 new countries

3 breakdowns about wanting to quit and go home

58 government-issued family members

250 members of my Wave Week family

115 hours of Romanian language training

820 (at least) phone calls home

10 television series started and completed

173 hours of English Education technical training



275 students

3 partner teachers

2 grants written and implemented, totaling $3800 USD

7 grade levels taught

2 Halloweens celebrated

10 times a day my students made me laugh at something they said or did

1 site mate (another Peace Corps volunteer in my site)


Everyday Life

2 host families

10 mice that sacrificed their lives trying to invade my room

10 masas

3 different routes to walk to and from school (important to know because…geese…)

8 volunteers traveled to visit my site and my host family

110 km (2 hours) each way travel time to Chisinau, the capital city

106 lei, or $6.60, for round-trip bus fare from my site to Chisinau

80 lei ($5) for a ton of fresh produce in the summertime


Health Issues

2 cases of giardia

2 rolled ankles

1.5 cases of pneumonia

3 sinus infections

2 bouts of bronchitis

1 newly developed case of asthma

5 cases of food poisoning


World Events

Too many to count mass shootings in the United States

2 controversial and potentially life-altering presidential elections (USA and Moldova)

1 less EU country

3 major terrorist attacks

2 Olympic games

1 solar eclipse

2 major Royal family events (1 new royal baby and 1 new American duchess)


1 new home

5983459 new experiences

1 wholly improved Morgan






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